Who we are

We are a Family of farmers from generations, we have always tried to combine the tipical welcome and the hospitality of the agricultural world, with the most modern requirements of the people who desire a country holiday.

Risking to seem conceited, we can affirm that we have completely reached our target.

The strategic position in which our farm holiday centre is situated (in the middle of big thematic parks of Garda), but above all the enviable proximity with the “Thermal Park of Garda” ( just 100 metres) let us satisfy those custumers who are looking for relax, courtesy and above all a sincere human relation, more and more rare nowadays.

Gatto Family

We have always been farmers, coming from Lazize, we settled in Colà,in the farm, in 1900 at first as sharecroppers, then since 1967 as farmers.

In 2000 thanks to the success of the Thermal Park of Garda, the reorganization of the stall and of the hayloft started in order to convert them into comfortable lodgings for our farm holiday centre.


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